Module info.picocli
Package picocli

Interface CommandLine.Model.IAnnotatedElement

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface CommandLine.Model.IAnnotatedElement
    Internal interface to allow annotation processors to construct a command model at compile time.
    • Method Detail

      • userObject

        Object userObject()
      • isAnnotationPresent

        boolean isAnnotationPresent​(Class<? extends Annotation> annotationClass)
      • getAnnotation

        <T extends Annotation> T getAnnotation​(Class<T> annotationClass)
      • getMixinName

        String getMixinName()
      • isArgSpec

        boolean isArgSpec()
      • isOption

        boolean isOption()
      • isParameter

        boolean isParameter()
      • isArgGroup

        boolean isArgGroup()
      • isMixin

        boolean isMixin()
      • isUnmatched

        boolean isUnmatched()
      • isSpec

        boolean isSpec()
      • isParentCommand

        boolean isParentCommand()
      • isMultiValue

        boolean isMultiValue()
      • isInteractive

        boolean isInteractive()
      • hasInitialValue

        boolean hasInitialValue()
      • isMethodParameter

        boolean isMethodParameter()
      • getMethodParamPosition

        int getMethodParamPosition()
      • getToString

        String getToString()