Module info.picocli
Package picocli

Interface CommandLine.Model.IGetter

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    public static interface CommandLine.Model.IGetter
    Customizable getter for obtaining the current value of an option or positional parameter. When an option or positional parameter is matched on the command line, its getter or setter is invoked to capture the value. For example, an option can be bound to a field or a method, and when the option is matched on the command line, the field's value is set or the method is invoked with the option parameter value.
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        <T> T get()
           throws Exception
        Returns the current value of the binding. For multi-value options and positional parameters, this method returns an array, collection or map to add values to.
        CommandLine.PicocliException - if a problem occurred while obtaining the current value
        Exception - internally, picocli call sites will catch any exceptions thrown from here and rethrow them wrapped in a PicocliException