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Interface CommandLine.Help.IOptionRenderer

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    public static interface CommandLine.Help.IOptionRenderer
    When customizing online help for Option details, a custom IOptionRenderer can be used to create textual representation of an Option in a tabular format: one or more rows, each containing one or more columns. The Layout is responsible for placing these text values in the TextTable.
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        CommandLine.Help.Ansi.Text[][] render​(CommandLine.Model.OptionSpec option,
                                              CommandLine.Help.IParamLabelRenderer parameterLabelRenderer,
                                              CommandLine.Help.ColorScheme scheme)
        Returns a text representation of the specified option and its parameter(s) if any.
        option - the command line option to show online usage help for
        parameterLabelRenderer - responsible for rendering option parameters to text
        scheme - color scheme for applying ansi color styles to options and option parameters
        a 2-dimensional array of text values: one or more rows, each containing one or more columns