Module info.picocli
Package picocli

Interface CommandLine.Help.IParamLabelRenderer

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    public static interface CommandLine.Help.IParamLabelRenderer
    When customizing online usage help for an option parameter or a positional parameter, a custom IParamLabelRenderer can be used to render the parameter name or label to a String.
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      • renderParameterLabel

        CommandLine.Help.Ansi.Text renderParameterLabel​(CommandLine.Model.ArgSpec argSpec,
                                                        CommandLine.Help.Ansi ansi,
                                                        List<CommandLine.Help.Ansi.IStyle> styles)
        Returns a text rendering of the option parameter or positional parameter; returns an empty string "" if the option is a boolean and does not take a parameter.
        argSpec - the named or positional parameter with a parameter label
        ansi - determines whether ANSI escape codes should be emitted or not
        styles - the styles to apply to the parameter label
        a text rendering of the Option parameter or positional parameter
      • separator

        String separator()
        Returns the separator between option name and param label.
        the separator between option name and param label