Class NativeImageConfigGeneratorProcessor

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      • BASE_PATH

        public static final String BASE_PATH
        Base path where generated files will be written to: "META-INF/native-image/picocli-generated/".
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        public static final String OPTION_PROJECT
        Name of the annotation processor option that can be used to control the actual location where the generated file(s) are to be written to, relative to the BASE_PATH. The value of this constant is "project".
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      • generators

        protected List<picocli.codegen.aot.graalvm.processor.IGenerator> generators
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      • NativeImageConfigGeneratorProcessor

        public NativeImageConfigGeneratorProcessor()
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      • handleCommands

        protected boolean handleCommands​(Map<Element,​CommandLine.Model.CommandSpec> commands,
                                         Set<? extends TypeElement> annotations,
                                         RoundEnvironment roundEnv)
        Description copied from class: AbstractCommandSpecProcessor
        Subclasses must implement this method and do something with the CommandSpec command model objects that were found during compilation.
        Specified by:
        handleCommands in class AbstractCommandSpecProcessor
        commands - a map of annotated elements to their associated CommandSpec. Note that the key set may contain classes that do not have a @Command annotation but were added to the map because the class has fields annotated with Option or @Parameters.
        annotations - the annotation types requested to be processed
        roundEnv - environment for information about the current and prior round
        whether or not the set of annotation types are claimed by this processor. If true is returned, the annotation types are claimed and subsequent processors will not be asked to process them; if false is returned, the annotation types are unclaimed and subsequent processors may be asked to process them. A processor may always return the same boolean value or may vary the result based on chosen criteria.