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Interface CommandLine.IHelpCommandInitializable2

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    public static interface CommandLine.IHelpCommandInitializable2
    Help commands that provide usage help for other commands can implement this interface to be initialized with the information they need.

    The CommandLine::printHelpIfRequested method calls the init method on commands marked as helpCommand before the help command's run or call method is called.

    Implementation note:

    If an error occurs in the run or call method while processing the help request, it is recommended custom Help commands throw a ParameterException with a reference to the parent command. The default ParameterException handler will print the error message and the usage for the parent command.

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        void init​(CommandLine helpCommandLine,
                  CommandLine.Help.ColorScheme colorScheme,
                  PrintWriter outWriter,
                  PrintWriter errWriter)
        Initializes this object with the information needed to implement a help command that provides usage help for other commands.
        helpCommandLine - the CommandLine object associated with this help command. Implementors can use this to walk the command hierarchy and get access to the help command's parent and sibling commands.
        colorScheme - the color scheme to use when printing help, including whether to use Ansi colors or not
        outWriter - the output writer to print the usage help message to
        errWriter - the error writer to print any diagnostic messages to, in addition to the output from the exception handler