Class PicocliCommands.PicocliCommandsFactory

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    public static class PicocliCommands.PicocliCommandsFactory
    extends Object
    implements CommandLine.IFactory
    Command factory that is necessary for applications that want the use the ClearScreen subcommand. It can be chained with other factories.

    WARNING: If the application uses the ClearScreen subcommand, construct the CommandLine with a PicocliCommandsFactory, and set the Terminal on that factory. Applications need to call the setTerminal method with a Terminal; this will be passed to the ClearScreen subcommand. For example:

     PicocliCommandsFactory factory = new PicocliCommandsFactory();
     CommandLine cmd = new CommandLine(new MyApp(), factory);
     // create terminal
    Other factories can be chained by passing them in to the constructor like this:
     MyCustomFactory customFactory = createCustomFactory(); // your application custom factory
     PicocliCommandsFactory factory = new PicocliCommandsFactory(customFactory); // chain the factories
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      • PicocliCommandsFactory

        public PicocliCommandsFactory()
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      • create

        public <K> K create​(Class<K> clazz)
                     throws Exception
        Description copied from interface: CommandLine.IFactory
        Returns an instance of the specified class.
        Specified by:
        create in interface CommandLine.IFactory
        Type Parameters:
        K - the type of the object to return
        clazz - the class of the object to return
        the instance
        Exception - an exception detailing what went wrong when creating or obtaining the instance
      • setTerminal

        public void setTerminal​(org.jline.terminal.Terminal terminal)